About Us

Edge Vacuum Coating Ltd. is a company that specializes in Vacuum coating and photolithography.

The company has a broad experience of over 40 years and specializes in a quick response to its customers. The company develops and manufactures tailored high precision optical components for all the wavelengths, including Atmospheric optics.
The components are: Targets, Reticles, Optical grids, Linear and Circulars encoders, beam splitters, Laser beam splitters, Front and back mirrors, AR coating etc.

The above mentioned broad experience enable the company also to assist Start-Up companies in their R&D with vacuum coating of both metals and dielectric materials over metals, glass, ceramics and many plastics, as well as to develop and produce miniature device.
All the production equipment of the company are installed in ISO 6 and ISO 7 clean laboratories.
The company is certified by the Standard’s Institution of Israel to comply with ISO 9001:2008.