Vacuum Coating

Edge Vacuum Coating provides a broad range of thin film coatings, including AR coatings, conductive coatings, silver and enhanced (see picture 1)Al mirrors for UV and visible range as well as Gold mirrors for IR and Far IR ranges, metal mirror coatings and dielectric coatings.
We can provide vacuum coatings for a wide range of substrates such as metals, glasses, ceramics and many plastics
Substrates as large as 300mm wafers (see picture 2), non conventional 3D shape substrates and others are currently coated, as well as surround coating and selective coating as per customer's requirement.
The coated metals are: Ag, Al, Au, Cr , Cu, Fe, Ge, Ni, NiCr, Pd and Ti.
The coated dielectrics are: AlF3, CeF3, LaF3, MgF2, PbF2, CaF2, LiF, BaF2, Sb2S3, ZnS, PbTe, CdTe, ZnSe, SiO.

Pic.1. Reflection from enhanced Al-coating
Pic.2. Patterned 300 mm Si wafer.
Pic.3. Pattern’s basic structure.