Substrate Patterning

Edge Vacuum Coating Ltd. uses wet etching and lift-off techniques to generate high resolution patterns on the above mentioned coated metals.
We produce patterned substrates up to 500X600 (see Picture1) mm with high patterning accuracy. The patterning accuracy for Cr, for example, is better than 0.0005 mm and the critical dimension is 0.002mm.
We produce patterning on planar(See picture 2) and spherical surfaces(see picture3) with and without AR coating on the clear areas as well as on the metallic opaque areas, which enable us to produce up to 256 gray levels pattern​ (see picture 4). We produce patterned front and back mirrors too. The Front mirror can be enhanced Aluminum ​(​see picture 5).
Edge Vacuum Coating Ltd. also provides CAD service in producing master for patterning.

Fan out configuration close-up
Pic. 1. Patterned substrate 488x434 mm
Pic. 2. Patterned round substrate with AR-coating on the front and back surfaces
Pic.3. Patterned spherical surface substrate.
Pic. 4. 256 grey level pattern.
256 grey level pattern (x50).
256 grey level pattern (x100).
256 grey level pattern (x10).
Patterned Al-mirror (transmitted light)
Pic. 5. Patterned Al-mirror (reflected light)
Reflection from opaque (Front) area.
Reflection from transparent (Back) area.